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From Discovery to Purchase: Transforming Customer Experiences for Better Results

Tim Heeter
Customer Journey Specialist

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Your Clarity Might Be Their Confusion

What’s obvious to you is often not clear to your customers. From knowing you exist, to understanding whether you can solve their problems, to figuring out how to start doing business with you—any confusion can drive potential customers away.

If customers can’t navigate these steps easily, they’ll turn to your competitors. It’s time to eliminate this confusion, bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar and digital, leverage technology including Google, and eliminate the tech headaches that can hinder your business operations.

My Solution: Clear, Trustworthy, Discoverable, and Tech-Integrated Customer Journey Mapping

I specialize in identifying and removing the points of confusion in your customer journey and integrating technology to enhance your operations.

My approach ensures that your customers have a clear, straightforward path to follow, from becoming aware of your business, understanding how you can solve their problems, to easily getting started and experiencing smooth processes.

This includes optimizing your presence on platforms like Google to ensure discoverability and leveraging technology to improve both online and offline interactions while eliminating tech headaches.

See the Difference


  • Customers unaware of your existence

  • Confusion about whether you can solve their problems

  • Difficult, unclear steps to start doing business with you

  • Poor search visibility

  • Tech headaches hindering operations

  • Frustrated customers and negative reviews

  • Lost sales opportunities to competitors


  • Clear visibility and awareness of your business

  • Customers clear on how you can help them

  • Easy process to start doing business

  • Better search engine visibility, including Google

  • Smooth operations free from tech headaches

  • Positive customer feedback

  • Increased sales and revenue

Who Benefits from Customer Journey Mapping?

Small Business Owners Who "Wear Too Many Hats"

As a small business owner juggling multiple responsibilities, you may not have the time or expertise to translate your knowledge into an optimized customer journey.

I help you create a seamless, trustworthy experience that converts visitors into loyal customers and integrates the latest technology to solve today’s business challenges.

Marketers "by Default"

For those who are not marketing experts but have taken on the marketing responsibilities for their small businesses, clear customer journey mapping can help you create effective marketing strategies that build trust, convert visitors into loyal customers, and ensure your operations run smoothly with the help of technology.

"Old-School" Sales and Customer Service Experts

Traditional sales and customer service professionals can leverage new technologies and optimized internal processes to amplify their efforts.

By mapping the customer journey, you can enhance your existing skills with digital tools, including optimizing your presence on Google, to support customers more effectively, build trust, and drive sales while eliminating tech headaches.

My Proven Process:

Step 1: Discovery

I start by learning about your business, your ideal customers, and the problems you solve. I discover what’s happening now and why this is a pressing issue for you.

Step 2: Mapping

I map out the process of interacting with your business, both in person and online, to find where there’s a disconnect or lack of clarity for your customers and improve your search visibility.

Step 3: Optimization

I provide actionable recommendations to optimize your journey, reduce confusion, build trust, enhance your online presence, and integrate technology solutions, including Google, to make it easy for customers to find and choose you while eliminating tech headaches.

Ready to Build Customer Trust and Be Easily Found?

Start your journey towards increased sales and improved customer satisfaction today. Let me guide you through the process of mapping and optimizing your customer journey to eliminate confusion, build trust, ensure your business is easily discoverable, and leverage technology to solve real business problems and eliminate tech headaches.

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